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Gmail has this wonderful feature where the user is able to forward his messages easily to another account. This feature enables you to forward all your emails to some other account automatically. However, with the convenience of forwarding the messages easily, a user may also face some unavoidable troubles when their Gmail forwarding not working.

The automatic forwarding feature of Gmail has a lot in the offering to its user making his task simpler and faster than usual. It consumes little time and also requires a little task to share a particular information with a bunch of other contacts.

The user also has the option of selecting the emails that he wishes to share with others by choosing al at once or only a selected few. Also one can select multiple contact options with whom he can share the information easily.


How to solve Gmail forwarding not working issue?

At first check for the mode of trouble- whether you are facing Gmail to Gmail forwarding issue or the issue also arises while accessing other email services as well. If the trouble is while forwarding the message from Gmail to Gmail only then check if your POP is disabled along with whether the IMAP is enabled.

The issue generally takes place when you send the mail to Gmail from windows live mail. In this process, the mail is received successfully but creates trouble in forwarding it further.

If you have similar trouble then try to delete the sender’s email ID and re-enter it to see if this fixes the Gmail forwarding not working error.

What else can be done to fix the error?

Another method that works efficiently in this respect is to configure forwarding filters in Gmail account. The Forwarding filters can do the work of sending emails automatically thus providing an easy way out for the issue.

Also,  check if the filter is working conveniently as if it is not fulfilling the purpose, then you may also need to delete it and create a new one.


Here is how you can do it-

To get into filters menu, start with logging into your Gmail account by providing correct username and password. Next in the step is going to settings option by accessing the gear sign situated on the right end corner of the screen. This will open a drop down box with an option of settings. Click on it and select the forwarding and POP/IMAP option.

Another way you can fix the trouble is by manually adding a forwarding address you want to filter and it will sieve through the email address that you allow to forward your messages. You can also create a new filter to ease your task and it will only permeate the users to have the message you are wishing to share.

One extra option you can do in this regard is to use an entirely separate account to access all the contact address queued to receive the forwarded messages. If this step does not work then again you will see an error message showing trouble in appearing in your Gmail account.


In order to make the trouble vanish away, you will require some evident help from a Gmail support expert possessing sound knowledge about this technical field. Thinking about where to find such assistance? We can help you with all the necessary troubleshooting tips and tricks.

You just need to come to us. Share your trouble regarding the technical glitch you are facing in your Gmail. Call us today on our Gmail tech help number and talk to an expert regarding what trouble you are facing in your account.


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