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Google has recently redesigned its mailing app Gmail with several new features. However, with the new Gmail update, the very common Gmail error 007 has still not found a solution. Bad browser extensions or add-ons, anything can contribute to this error and the need to troubleshoot this is high.

Thus, in order to get complete information this error, here is everything from causes to solutions for Gmail server error 007

gmail error 007


What is the Gmail error 007 all about?

The server error 007 generally arises when a user is using Gmail app with google chrome browser. The very first symptom is that it makes the application freeze. As a result of which, the user faces difficulty in sending as well as receiving emails. In some cases, the error also hangs the system temporarily, even making the user unable to exit Gmail.

If you are also facing trouble with this Gmail error, then try to first exit the app by completely closing the google chrome.


How to troubleshoot the error?

Here are some easy fixes you can try.

Switch browser

If chrome is troubling you with easy access to Gmail then try to open your Gmail account with internet explorer. Error 007 is a chrome issue and will not appear in other browsers. Once the bug is shot, you can go back to your favorite chrome whenever you want.

You may wonder why does the error only surfaces in chrome but not in other browsers like the explorer.

The answer is here!

One probable reason for this Gmail server error may be because of an installed application that is restraining the smooth function of chrome. Some pre-installed application that is not compatible with other chrome applications like Gmail may interfere with them.

Coming to the next,


Check if your browser is up to date. If not then do the honors and update it with the latest version. An updated browser will help you get the most out of your internet experience. It may also make you get rid of the Gmail error 007.

Clear cookies

If the update option does not seem to be beneficial then next of all try to clear all the cookies and caches. It is also a major step to make your system updated as clearing cookies and caches prevent usage of old forms along with adding up to the system’s security.

Default theme

Windows 8 works best when it runs on its default theme, so if you have made any changes then, set it back to default. Some themes happen to break chrome or other browsers which it does not support thus also creates trouble like Gmail server error 007.

Occasionally the error gets fixed on its own, but then again that is in some rare case and you can not always rely on chances. Thus, make sure to check out the above-written ways that can help you to fix this error in some way.

If you have any more suggestions then write it down in the comment section below helping the other readers as well. Also, if you are still unable to fix the bug then call +1-888-513-7695 and connect with our Gmail customer support for some instant technical aids. You can also chat with our Gmail Chat Support team to solve any type of tech bugs and glitches.


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